Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Spanish Conversation

Today me and deja recorded our self by saying specific words in Spanish it was hard to say but we tried.

Friday, November 7, 2014


Today Me and lose have been learning abut Spanish and the words we use some of you will know how to pronounce these slimier words 


Today The whole school had a another practise of a lockdown and by the way it is very important to stay in a lockdown because you never know there might be  murder in the school and we don't know. These a the kind of things we need to PRACTISE!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Church strand

The Great Commission
‘’IF I can work for you I must obey your rules and promises.

I love god and I will never disobey him

Can I Work for you Jesus??

Matthew 18:16,20

Church Strand


The man told the older boy to go work in the vine but the said yes but he didn't do it

Jesus said:
I am going to tell  you about a man with 2 sons and then you can tell me what you think.

Jesus told his disciples to go and make the people everywhere my disciples baptise them in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit


Friday, August 29, 2014

Todays News

Today has been a very good morning for the whole school because we had came into the church with our quit voices as we came in we were respecting god by doing our hands together. When we came back to class we were doing Religious Education  but we rearranged it and made it Language and Languages. As soon morning tea came everyone quit down there voices  so our teacher could allow us to go out to eat,drink, and go for fresh air. After that we went out to play dodge ball for p.e. IT WAS A AMAZING TIME:0


Friday, August 22, 2014

The Feast Of St Pius X

This morning the whole had a mass about the special day of the St Pius X School. We had lots of fun because we had are beautiful mass and a beautiful Cake. After we cake we went straight for morning tea. After we had morning tea We were going to take our soul friends outside to do something special with them.

At 1'clock the whole school is going out for cross country. I am not that fast because for the past few days it always the briny ones that comes first.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Movenote Presentation

Movenote Presentation

Today Room 7 Went to Tae-Kwon -Do. We learned alot of things like Kicks Punches and defending we have been learning that from the begging of the time. It Was are great time learning it.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Expressive Writing


In the Weekend me and my family Went to a wedding but on my dads side. it was big there was a DJ there I started dancing And well I was dancing Old people will come and dance with me.The names of the wedding couples were Alalia,Baula The wife was Indian. The reason why I was in it is because My 2 Cousins were in it and there names are MAXWELL , OSCAR They are strong and bulky. When they were coming out My Bulky Cousin Oscar Waved to us.Then everything finish and We rook it from the Church to The Hall.When the Song Started playing I started Dancing With all the other people. Then it was time To do our prayer for our food.I had A Great Time. 

Friday, July 25, 2014

My Expressive Writing

Friday 1st August 2014 

Today is the last day of the week. Tomorrow is the weekend. I am excited because my half brother Daniel might come over from Australia. He told my dad that he might be over on Monday/Sunday. We still don’t know when he comes but he will let us know when he is coming and what time will he be in New Zealand. I can’t wait to meet my brother who has been gone for a very long time. This time I will get to meet now because when I was little I didn't get to meet him or say goodbye when he went to Australia and plus we didn't know he was in Australia Until my dad found him On Facebook. The reason why he hasn't been here early is because he has been very busy with work. Today My brother Daniel Finished Work and he told my dad that he will be here by Monday or Sunday. I can’t get over That he is coming for sure. He is going to be here for 1 whole month until he goes back with my dad to set up because right now he is going to live with us . And me and my household is going to move to Melbourne Australia. I can’t wait because i haven’t been in Australia in my whole life. My mum and dad has been wanting to move to Australia but we didn't know where. This time we have decided to move to where my mom's sister is. if we move i will be very very happy.

The other things I going to do for the rest of my Weekend s Me and my mum is going to do my mums mum Shopping because every Saturday she goes and does her shopping before Saturday. On Sunday I am going to church and then come back eat and relax till it is time to sleep for next Week Monday.

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Service Of Mrs Pole

Friday 19th June 2014 -The Service of Mrs Pole

Today Saint Pius had are whole mass for the service of Mrs Pole. This mass lasted about 2 Hours because all the children that Mrs Pole teached came. We had speeches from the ex-students of Mrs Pole and the school sang for her during the beautiful mass. We also sang her songs that she liked and when it was time for her turn to talk she told us that we sang her songs lovely. It was the saddest moment to see one of our lovely teacher retire. During the mass the Samoan and Tongan community said something and gave her a little gift. The ex-students said a speech and also sang her a song. At the end of the mass we had are longer morning tea because there was are little feed in the library for the teaches and miss pole and also her x students and Her Children. after morning tea we went to the hall for Zumba and we did new songs. some of the parents did some speeches for Mrs Pole. Maria did tare speech because mrs Pole Teached 3 of Maria’s sons. All the ex-students came along to join us and for communion all the ex-students sang her a song.

We will miss Mrs Pole as she leaves our school. I hope she will come back to visit our school again.

By: MavaeTangi

Friday, June 13, 2014


Milk Experiment

First we used a frying pan and our teacher miss Middleton put 1c of milk in the frying pan and then she turned it on high heat and low heat and then miss Middleton put the lid on for about 5 Min. After that miss Middleton took the lid of the pan when she took it off it look like it was erupting. first it look like normal milk and then after then it looked like scrambled milk with burnt milk mixed with it. then miss turned the fry pan off and off and started to mix it  then she put it to the side. and then she said to wait for it to dry so we can look to see what it look like.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Lion King the stoy

Friday 6th June 2014

The main Idea is when 3 lions like Asia and the climate there I warm.after 1 year male lions take off and don’t share patch to territory. The second Main Idea is when male lions take off and find food for there family. also the Lines on the tigers body are different length
The Main Idea is when the tiger colours blend in with the grass.The last Main Idea Is when the tigers have different foot prints to lions.LION KING!

My prompt

My goals is to use Capital letters and full stops CONSISTENTLY
And also need to work on my punctuation
Imagine that you had 100 dollars but you couldn't keep it   you had to give it away to another person or charity.

If I had the $100 dollars and my family couldn't get what they wanted then I would help out. I would want to give that $100 dollars to my family who needs it the most. If I had 100 dollars  I would give it for  a charity, like charatas. I would also give it to the poor. The reason why  I want to give it it the caritas and the poor, because they need more than us.

I would also give that money to schools who really needs it. Like for Example If glen innes primary school didn’t have are hall  I would donate that money to them. I would also give that money to beggars because I know that they really need it for supplies. Also I want to give  it to unemployed because they don’t a job to buy the supplies that they need.  


Therefore I would give all my money to the poor and to the caritas and to anyone who needs it the most .

Friday, May 30, 2014

Being Friends With Each Other

Friday 30th May 2014
How to be are friend.

To be are friend we need to show respect and caring and also kindness to that person you want to be friends with.

The first Step
you need to greet your name so they know your name,and the Most thing is you need to show them around the school to make them feel welcome that is what you call being friends to one another.

The the next Step
you need to talk to them in are polite way because if you don’t then that person might be  scared of you . To be are lovely friend you need to Show them courage and the Responsibility and caring and Respect .

To be are Caring and respectful friend we need to make them feel welcome to our school and show them what Faith,Hope And Lovemean to our school. That is what Being Are friend is all about. and also we need to show them that Saint Pius x School is one whole family to one another  

My Weekly Reflection

For S.S.R I read sunshine online and we had to read are non fiction and are fiction book and the names of those books were Bikes- NF and Car Wash which was fiction it was interesting hearing about these fiction and nonfiction books hope are can read lots more in my own time.

Reading is fun it can help your brain work throughout the day. :)

Friday, May 9, 2014

My Reading and Writing Goals

Welcome to my Reading and Writing Goals 

This year for my Writing goals i need to learn my spelling, capital letter's and fullstops. Also in my writing I need to use punctuation and make sure that my writing make sense

This year for reading I need to learn how to read hard words and need to find books that i can read. Also i need to read books that is at my level and I not allowed to read books that is not at my level   

Thursday, April 10, 2014



Today Room 7 went to the LIFE EDUCATION CARAVAN.
We learnt about the lugs, the lugs helps us breathe and also helps us talk. We also learnt that Your liver is the largest solid organ in your body. I learnt that we had to shower to keep our body clean and also we have to drink water so our oxygen doesn't go low and if it does go low then we will end up in the hospital. I also learnt that You stomach is the main thing in your body. I learnt that if you eat too much you will get are tummy bug. I also learnt that your kidneys send messages to your brain and comes out through your mouth. Your kidneys send more and more messages to your brain and the all those messages comes out. And Also i learnt that we all make our own choices in the world. I learnt a lot from the LIFE EDUCATION CARAVAN. It was so fun and i want to go back to see the giraffe. I love it so much. I loved how Lynn taught us a lot in that van.  




Saturday, April 5, 2014


I have learnt how to add numbers and I learnt how to solve a problem for what my teacher wrote on the papa and I solved it with   William he helped me alot to solve the problem that my teacher gave me. I learnt a lot this week from my friends,teacher,and family. Also I learnt how to add addition and subtraction. This week I need to work on subtraction more because I don’t know it and My timetables are getting there but it is not there.


Friday, April 4, 2014

Week9 Evaluation

I would like to say that on Monday I will stop lieing and stop telling stories to other people. next Week I would like to start are new week and stop being annoying and stop because cheek to other people .

Thursday, April 3, 2014

BasketBall Last Day

Basket ball Recount

On Tuesday it was our last day of basketball and what we did was we was we had are basketball tournament. The day before our last day the breakers team was supposed to come because because we wanted to see them come because we haven’t seen the basket breakers team in my whole life. when we went to basketball excited because it was our last day and we would have fun because our coach vinny always does fun things for us. Every lesson we went to was fun, The best thing I like doing was 3 people run around the pole and one group goes to our side and we go to there side but we had to throw the ball in the hupe but if we didn’t get it in then we stay there and keep trying to make the ball go in. On the second day of our lesson we practise how to defend the ball when we got it it was so fun because when we try defend it they have to try get it off me or on the person that has the ball. It was the best time because we have learnt lot’s of new things about basketball and we have learnt how to defend and how to catch the ball when it comes to you. one thing I have learnt in basketball was defending and shooting the ball inside the hupe. I have had are great time and I learnt a lot from coach vinnie. I learnt more than all the other sports i have ben to. I hope we learn some more basketball next time. I loved basketball a lot The most thing I liked was having basketball tournament with coach vinny. Thank you coach vinnie for your time and effort to come and teach us how to play basketball.   

By: Tangi Mann


I want to go to is Dilworth because it is the best school in Auckland

Firstly I want to go to dilworth because When you have are little rip in your school clothes they change it straight away.That’s why I like dilworth because it can make me busy and I can make a lot of new friends. Dilworth is a school where you join lot’s of things like polyfest,sports, and much more to add. I like dilworth because it can help me get through  high school to university. I think dilworth is the best school because I can Do lot’s of things and I can make new Palangi and Islander friends. Dilworth Can be the Best school In Auckland.

I really want to go to Dilworth because When my parents is busy They do not need to worry about me the only time they need to worry about me is in the weekend when we have a break and we go home to see our family and we come back to school on Monday and we go back home on Saturday to see our families and friends. I am kind of a sporty person but the sports I like are Touch,Tag,volleyball, dodge ball, and much more.

BY: MavaeTangi Mann

basic facts to 10




My special place is the beach because it’s nice and beautiful. I love the beach because when it’s hot we can go for are swim and we can get out whenever we want. The beach is lovely because of the nice and soft sand also because of the nice waves that come in and goes back out again. The beach is my special place because we can swim for as long as we want but when the tide comes in that means the beach is nearly closing. I love the beach so much because we can see the different things underneath and we can see the nice crabs and the nice fish. In the beach there are a lot of things like fish crabs and much more. Every Time I swim I go down till the water is up to my tummy because when I am hot I feel to go down there so I can get cool and cooler Until I want to get out and get change

Friday, March 21, 2014

Me And My Soul Friend

me and malakai.JPG

This year for 2014 I have a soul friend. His name is Malakai Fohe. He is 8 years old and he comes to St Pius X School . Malakai has 3 sisters and 4 brothers. He has a mum whose mum’s name is Pasi and his dad’s name is Samiu. His birthday is on the 12 of February 2006 . His favourite foods are pizza,Carls Junior, McDonald and Burger King. He also likes colouring books and his favourite game is “Smack down Vs Raw 2006+2011”. He likes “GTA5”, Spartan and WWE2k14.

His favourite movie is “Smack Down”. His best fruits are bananas,oranges,grapes,apples and pears.His favourite sports are rugby , rugby league and basketball. Malakai’s best subjects are Reading,Writing and Maths. His best teacher is Mrs Williams and Mr Gaffney. His favourite colours are blue,red,gold,yellow and green.

I think for 2014 I will have the best soul friend because he is smart and he is active and he can stand up for himself. He is not scared and he is straight with people That’s why I like to have soul friends just like Malakai Fohe.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


This morning room7 went to basketball and what we had to do was we had to where our P.E clothes because our teaches don’t want us to smell before we begin the day. We learnt how to reverse and how to bongo jumps. and we learnt all the moves that they use in basketball. The first lesson was we had to dribble the ball around our leg and we had to run and then jump stop and then we pivit around to our partner and then we throw the ball to them. Then we played a game the the game had a boy and a girls team and what we had to do was put 3 balls into are hoop one hoop for the girls and one hoop for the boys. And what happen was we had to run around the pole and then if we got the ball into the hoop we had to try to get it into the girls hoop which was on the other side so we had to dribble to each hoop. the score was the girls got one nil and then then is was one all to both teams. We had lots of fun at basketball because we learnt a lot of new skills about basketball.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

my holiday 2014


During my holiday me and my family have been busy a little bit because people kept asking us if we could run around for them because they were busy to. And the only time we ran around for was for my little cousin because we were preparing for my cousin lamona’s 1st birthday that was happening after my aunt,sister,papa,cousin, went to

Australia for A reunion. And there name for there reunion was called the (JOHANSON FAMILY REUNION). On the 2nd week of the holidays me and my sister and dad went to take my mum to the airport because she was flying to Australia but where my sister is. My sister was in Sydney because that is where most of my dad’s family is. When my mum left it was just me and my sister and dad at home but it was okay for us because we could have our cousin’s come over and sleep.

On the third week of the holidays me and my family were just laxing out because my sister just came back from Australia and my mum was the only one there and she was the only one that was still to come back. and this is the END of my STORY.

                                             BY: MAVAETANGI MAN