Wednesday, February 12, 2014


This morning room7 went to basketball and what we had to do was we had to where our P.E clothes because our teaches don’t want us to smell before we begin the day. We learnt how to reverse and how to bongo jumps. and we learnt all the moves that they use in basketball. The first lesson was we had to dribble the ball around our leg and we had to run and then jump stop and then we pivit around to our partner and then we throw the ball to them. Then we played a game the the game had a boy and a girls team and what we had to do was put 3 balls into are hoop one hoop for the girls and one hoop for the boys. And what happen was we had to run around the pole and then if we got the ball into the hoop we had to try to get it into the girls hoop which was on the other side so we had to dribble to each hoop. the score was the girls got one nil and then then is was one all to both teams. We had lots of fun at basketball because we learnt a lot of new skills about basketball.



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