Friday, March 21, 2014

Me And My Soul Friend

me and malakai.JPG

This year for 2014 I have a soul friend. His name is Malakai Fohe. He is 8 years old and he comes to St Pius X School . Malakai has 3 sisters and 4 brothers. He has a mum whose mum’s name is Pasi and his dad’s name is Samiu. His birthday is on the 12 of February 2006 . His favourite foods are pizza,Carls Junior, McDonald and Burger King. He also likes colouring books and his favourite game is “Smack down Vs Raw 2006+2011”. He likes “GTA5”, Spartan and WWE2k14.

His favourite movie is “Smack Down”. His best fruits are bananas,oranges,grapes,apples and pears.His favourite sports are rugby , rugby league and basketball. Malakai’s best subjects are Reading,Writing and Maths. His best teacher is Mrs Williams and Mr Gaffney. His favourite colours are blue,red,gold,yellow and green.

I think for 2014 I will have the best soul friend because he is smart and he is active and he can stand up for himself. He is not scared and he is straight with people That’s why I like to have soul friends just like Malakai Fohe.


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