Thursday, April 3, 2014


I want to go to is Dilworth because it is the best school in Auckland

Firstly I want to go to dilworth because When you have are little rip in your school clothes they change it straight away.That’s why I like dilworth because it can make me busy and I can make a lot of new friends. Dilworth is a school where you join lot’s of things like polyfest,sports, and much more to add. I like dilworth because it can help me get through  high school to university. I think dilworth is the best school because I can Do lot’s of things and I can make new Palangi and Islander friends. Dilworth Can be the Best school In Auckland.

I really want to go to Dilworth because When my parents is busy They do not need to worry about me the only time they need to worry about me is in the weekend when we have a break and we go home to see our family and we come back to school on Monday and we go back home on Saturday to see our families and friends. I am kind of a sporty person but the sports I like are Touch,Tag,volleyball, dodge ball, and much more.

BY: MavaeTangi Mann


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