Thursday, April 3, 2014

BasketBall Last Day

Basket ball Recount

On Tuesday it was our last day of basketball and what we did was we was we had are basketball tournament. The day before our last day the breakers team was supposed to come because because we wanted to see them come because we haven’t seen the basket breakers team in my whole life. when we went to basketball excited because it was our last day and we would have fun because our coach vinny always does fun things for us. Every lesson we went to was fun, The best thing I like doing was 3 people run around the pole and one group goes to our side and we go to there side but we had to throw the ball in the hupe but if we didn’t get it in then we stay there and keep trying to make the ball go in. On the second day of our lesson we practise how to defend the ball when we got it it was so fun because when we try defend it they have to try get it off me or on the person that has the ball. It was the best time because we have learnt lot’s of new things about basketball and we have learnt how to defend and how to catch the ball when it comes to you. one thing I have learnt in basketball was defending and shooting the ball inside the hupe. I have had are great time and I learnt a lot from coach vinnie. I learnt more than all the other sports i have ben to. I hope we learn some more basketball next time. I loved basketball a lot The most thing I liked was having basketball tournament with coach vinny. Thank you coach vinnie for your time and effort to come and teach us how to play basketball.   

By: Tangi Mann


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