Friday, July 25, 2014

My Expressive Writing

Friday 1st August 2014 

Today is the last day of the week. Tomorrow is the weekend. I am excited because my half brother Daniel might come over from Australia. He told my dad that he might be over on Monday/Sunday. We still don’t know when he comes but he will let us know when he is coming and what time will he be in New Zealand. I can’t wait to meet my brother who has been gone for a very long time. This time I will get to meet now because when I was little I didn't get to meet him or say goodbye when he went to Australia and plus we didn't know he was in Australia Until my dad found him On Facebook. The reason why he hasn't been here early is because he has been very busy with work. Today My brother Daniel Finished Work and he told my dad that he will be here by Monday or Sunday. I can’t get over That he is coming for sure. He is going to be here for 1 whole month until he goes back with my dad to set up because right now he is going to live with us . And me and my household is going to move to Melbourne Australia. I can’t wait because i haven’t been in Australia in my whole life. My mum and dad has been wanting to move to Australia but we didn't know where. This time we have decided to move to where my mom's sister is. if we move i will be very very happy.

The other things I going to do for the rest of my Weekend s Me and my mum is going to do my mums mum Shopping because every Saturday she goes and does her shopping before Saturday. On Sunday I am going to church and then come back eat and relax till it is time to sleep for next Week Monday.


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