Friday, June 20, 2014

The Service Of Mrs Pole

Friday 19th June 2014 -The Service of Mrs Pole

Today Saint Pius had are whole mass for the service of Mrs Pole. This mass lasted about 2 Hours because all the children that Mrs Pole teached came. We had speeches from the ex-students of Mrs Pole and the school sang for her during the beautiful mass. We also sang her songs that she liked and when it was time for her turn to talk she told us that we sang her songs lovely. It was the saddest moment to see one of our lovely teacher retire. During the mass the Samoan and Tongan community said something and gave her a little gift. The ex-students said a speech and also sang her a song. At the end of the mass we had are longer morning tea because there was are little feed in the library for the teaches and miss pole and also her x students and Her Children. after morning tea we went to the hall for Zumba and we did new songs. some of the parents did some speeches for Mrs Pole. Maria did tare speech because mrs Pole Teached 3 of Maria’s sons. All the ex-students came along to join us and for communion all the ex-students sang her a song.

We will miss Mrs Pole as she leaves our school. I hope she will come back to visit our school again.

By: MavaeTangi


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